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China is Sovereign state situated in East Asia, it is famous as the most populous country covering approximately 9.6 million square Km. it is world's second largest country by land area, China's landscape is vast & diverse, it has a large number of wonderful tour destinations includes water town it will take time to visit all the attractions.

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Shanghai become a worldwide metropolitan city from last fifty years, the Bund situated Huangpu River is the best example to see the development demonstrated with great changed on two banks, Shanghai, Xian & Beijing are famous tourist attractions, Famous Great Wall, temples, Summer Palace are known for the long & colorful history Xian is the shining peal on yellow river where Chinese culture originated. In other words China has one of the most rich histories of mainly all civilizations that encompass over 5,000 years, these all are the interesting point for travellers who want to visit China. Yangtze river is longest river in China, the cruise from Chongqing to Yichang river will be wonderful holiday with mountains covered with greenery.

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China is also one of the countries with greatest variety of wildlife there are about 4,400 species of vertebrates more than 15 percent of world's total, exclusive wildlife is found in China which includes giant panda, golden hair monkey, China tiger, white flat dolphin it is one & only two species of freshwater whale in the world, China also have some of the most
abundant plant life in the world almost all the major plants that grown in the northern hemisphere & tropical zones are presents here, there is a wide range of terrain found in China also with many inland mountain range. Hence China have endless destinations to visit with affordable cost.

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