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Le River Cruise

Li river cruise from Guillin to Yangshuo is centerpoint of the trip to northerneast province, Beautiful Gorgeous Karst peak surprised you at each bend of the river under blue sky, peasant reap rice paddies, school kids & fisherman float by bamboo rafts, it presents breathtaking view the sceneray with river become China the top tourist destination. The trip starts from dock south of Liberation Bridge in Gullin, the river trip is over 83 Km. long & take around four to five hours. There are three sections of the river so many attractions are along the river which calls for much of our imagination to see guides help us to no more about that place.

Li River is main river system of Northeast Guangxi, some section between Guilin & Yangshuo is very beautiful part. It is enjoyable to visit there no matter what the weather is, in sunny days tourists can enjoy the inverted reflection of hill on both side in the water, in cloudy days hills are surrounded by mist & when rain comes drizzling is like vale.
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