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The main tourist destination is Mount Huangshan itself it is a granite peak it consist 36 separate peaks rising above approx. 1850 meters, it is famous in Chinese artistic history it represents the typical mountain in Chinese painting, many peaks appear to float on clouds & very fanciful names such as 18 Arhats worship the South Sea, Celestial capital etc. Jagged granite peak covered with unique shaped pine trees which creates spectacular landscape of great interest for artists & photographers. The three tallest peaks are Lotus Peak, Bright Summit Peak & Celestial Peak. The Huangshan pine is been named after Huangshan it is considered that trees thriving by growing straight of rocks. The mountain is also famous as provider of green tea it is one of the famous premier of green tea as the climate has lots of moisture.

It was formed approximately 100 millions years ago & gained its unique rock formation in Quanternary Glaciation, at the time of Qin Dynasty Mountain was known as Yishan after that In 747 AD, its name was changed to Huangshan the name is commonly thought to have coined in honor of Huang Di the Yellow Emperor a legendary Chinese emperor.
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