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Forbidden city

It was the Chinese imperial palace from Ming Dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty it is situated in the centre of Beijing around 500 years it served as the home of emperors & their households as well as the ceremocial & political center of Chinese government. Chinese Astronomers believed that the purple star (polar) was lived in the purple palace. The city was listed by UNESCO as it has the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structure in world. The city is in rectangular shape measuring 961 meters from north to south & 753 meters from east to west. The city is surrounded by gardens from three sides in north Jingshan Park an artificial hill created by soil, In west lies Zhongnanhai an old garden centred on the two lakes it is now serve as central headquarter for Communist party of China, In north-west there is Beihai park also centered on a lake it is one of the famous park of China. The City is surrounded by 7.9 meters high city wall and the 6 meters deep by 52 meters wide, these walls served as both defensive wall & reataining wall for the palace.The Forbidden city is also important in the civic scheme of Beijing.

  The Forbidden city is also important in the civic scheme of Beijing, the clock exhibition is one of the highlights of the city the exhibition contain array of elaborate timpieces which were gifts to the Qing emperors from overseas.
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