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Pudong Skyline

It is Shanghai's newest district on the eastern side of Huangpu River, it is just like the Eiffel Tower which allows people a breathtaking view Jin Mao Building also attracts the eyes of visitors which is located aside the tower, Pudong is the famous district & known to have a thriving economy, the meaning of Pudong is "East of Huangpu" which mention the literal location of the city. The Chinese are very proud of Oriental tower, this building is the tallest building in Asia & comes on 3rd place tallest tower of the world the Jin Mao Building have many five star hotels with beautiful scenic atmosphere which take you higher than the ground level.
The Shanghai Hotel is famous as the highest hotel in worldwide it has world's longest laundry tube & the highest swimming pool. The Pudong skyline is great at night the river contrasted with city lights the night life teems with different activities, there is not any bridge for pedestrians to cross the river so if come from west side of Huangpu River you may get taxi, ferry, sightseeing tunnel. There is several landmark buildings constructed here to raise the image of awareness of area.

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